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2020 Nike SB Dunk Low x 7-Eleven is Available Now

Nike Air Max 97 Easter Egg new colorful pattern black and white as the main color, decorated with red, yellow and blue colorful patterns, eye-catching and layered. There is also the semi-circular arrangement of the Nike word dress, which is also a new element never seen before. Classical style yet new.New Balance New Balance 327 Retro Pioneer MS327 series of retro casual sports jogging shoes, the Italian street style of the 1970s, NB New Balance New Balance 327 series, a new style created with a more pure retro design.

Jordan Sale USA convenience store 7-Eleven joint name orange green red Nike SB Dunk Low heavy joint name, mentioning the convenience store 7-ELEVEn's influence, I believe it is now a household name. The iconic three-color logo has already been printed in people's minds. With the recent popularity of the Dunk series of shoes, the body of this shoe is divided into three sections by orange, green and red, and the logo on the tongue, the side and the heel are decorated with the two logos to show the joint name. Identity.The sideways design is also deconstructed, and the N-shaped logo is presented in an old embossed style, which is unique in style.

New Jordan really explosive white black gold NMD_ R1 Tokyo Japan limited classic sneakers, comfortable street classic shoes for those who dare to explore, some shoes are old school, some shoes are more trendy, NMD_ R1 is both. In order to create this shoe, adidas designers ^ travel through time and space and go back to the past. "At that time, home computers were still rare. The United States and the Soviet Union were still fighting for space, and the future is still mysterious. Trying to take care of urban travelers. The past, present and future are actually at your feet.And the creation of suede and punched leather shows a high-grade nostalgic temperament, which also allows the shoes to achieve a balance between luxury fashion style and sports atmosphere.

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