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Where to Buy Air Jordan 6 GS Quai 54 CZ6506-100?

Recently, a variety of Air Jordan 6 new products have been exposed successively, like the tannins at the end of the year, and the rumors of the Bunny color matching next year. Today, another new product to be released next year is the first to be revealed, which is the color scheme specially designed for Quai 54 next year. At present, only the effect picture is released. It can be seen that the body of the shoe is mainly sand color, and the Air Jordan 6 GS Quai 54 is made of suede leather. It is believed that the texture will be quite outstanding. The midsole, shoelaces, heel, and other buttons are embellished with orange to add eye-catching detail. The heel of the Quai 54 is printed on the outside. Finally, it ends with a transparent outsole, which is refreshing and seductive. Every year, Jordan brings an exclusive collection to Quai 54, which has a positive generation and is the most popular every year. Compared with the Air Jordan 8 launched this year, I believe that this pair of Air Jordan 6 will look forward to it next year.

Jordans 2019 Shoes Known as the "best in history" hybrid shoe, the Jordan Legacy 312 is named after the Chicago area code 312, combining the most classic elements including the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 1 and Air Trainer 2, and is highly recognizable! Recently, a new color scheme has been released again. The shoe body is made of lighter mint color, with black and white color, showing a classic toe color style, and the side is embroidered with cracking elements, the overall style is extremely fresh.

2019 Mens Jordans,Nike Vaporfly NEXT% can be called the most powerful running shoe of the year, but in addition, another ZoomX Vista Grind equipped with ZoomX captures the hearts of many players with exaggerated old shoes. Recently, a new black powder color matching official figure has been released. The new color is matched with eye-catching black powder, and the flap material is used to create the upper, which greatly reduces the weight of the body and brings a full sense of fashion. The biggest highlight of the whole pair of shoes is the exaggerated ultra-thick midsole, unique hollow design, and ZoomX cushioning material inside. Unlike other shoes, the ZoomX technology of this shoe is reshaped using production waste to create a softer structure. The foot feels softer than professional running shoes and is suitable for everyday wear.

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