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2019 Nike LeBron 17 Currency To Release Next Month

New Jordan will be a lot of color matching,The new Nike LeBron 17 boots have been released for sale. As the Nike's flagship product. Recently, a new color matching first exposed the object. The Nike LeBron 17 Currency is dominated by pure black, and the raised portion of the Knitposite upper has a grey pattern. The Swoosh, Lion Head, and Logo sections are all presented with a colorful chameleon effect, adding more to the black shoes. The outsole is also made of colorful pearlescent materials to create a mysterious atmosphere. The word James on the insole is also replaced by a special symbol. What is the theme of this color scheme is not yet known.

Jordans 2019 Shoes, the silver bullet Air Max 97 returned to the sight of the sneakers. For a long time after that, Nike is also releasing various color Air Max 97s. Just this morning, a pair of new color Air Max 97 official pictures released, let's take a look! The iconic wavy body is striking with a large copper finish. The black tongue, lining and sole are embellished, and the contrast effect is very strong.

Born in 1982, Air Force 1, is a pair of super old gun shoes. After 37 years of testing, it is still one of the most sought-after shoes. Among them, many eye-catching colors are born, but it is a pity for men's toe caps, because many eye-catching colors are only GS specifications, and recently there are two new color-matching exposures, which are also only GS specifications. Based on the classic Nike Air Force 1 Low shoe model, the two shoes are presented in black and white color schemes, and the delicate leather material creates the upper. The black side panels and heels are covered with dark blue, and the material is also replaced by a bright patent leather material. You can also see the pattern under the dark blue background, which is quite artistic. The white model is presented in the same design concept. The white and silver color scheme brings a full-fledged fashion temperament. With the yellow Swoosh Logo, the design of the whole pair of shoes is perfect.

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