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Differences between the present database and version 1.0

I have noted that the present database does not list the same number of valid species as version 1.0 did (as published in the supplementary data S1 of Burgin et al.). This is of course only natural in a continuously updated database, but the starting screen of the ASM database gives a mixed picture. The total number of species included is given as in version 1.0, whereas the full taxonomy that can be downloaded, as well as the individual entries, must add up to a different number of species, as much has changed in the taxonomic treatment. For example, in version 1.0 the genus Oreotragus contains 11 species, but in the present database there is only one species. It seems like much of the splitting done by Groves and Grubb in their book Ungulate taxonomy was accepted in version 1.0, but not so in the present database. Have I misunderstood the contents of the Excel file in supplementary data S1, or of the present database, or both?


  • Dear Edenhard,

    I've been noticing this as well, although many of these are unintential errors in the database that we plan to fix in the next version. Such as Oreotragus, there should be 11 species listed on the website but when you look up Oreotragus, you get seven listings and only one has its full scientific name, which is Oreotragus oreotragus. The same happened when I looked up Cervus, which was a widely split genus from Groves and Grubb's taxonomy. I don't currently know the reason, although I am sure that it is fixable and we will be working on it.

  • Thanks for pointing this out Ebenhard! Yes, we are working with our web team to get the versioning correct on the different releases of the MDD taxonomy. Still a work in progress, but we are getting closer. Thanks for your patience-- in the meantime, the Data S1 from the 2018 J Mamm paper is the most reliable source for this taxonomy

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