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No subspecies? No synonyms? Non-standard notation?

I am not seeing many subspecies included. For instance Bos javanicus lowi that is recognized in Wilson & Reeder is not to be found.

I don't see synonymys listed.

Also, notation of authorities is non-standard and not maximally helpful. As an example, if I look up Plerotes anchietae I see

Plerotes anchietae Plerotes anchietae, Seabra, 1900

Why the name twice? Why the comma after the second anchietae? Why no parentheses around Seabra, 1900 to indicate this is not the original combination for this taxon (which was Epomorphus anchietae Seabra, 1900). I have to go to Wikispecies to learn the latter.


  • Thanks SullivanJP -- we are just re-gaining control of our forums and other parts of the MDD now, so look for improvements in the near future

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